Low pressure grit blasting stone cleaning

Propellor polishing & hull cleaning

Control panel for low pressure grit blasting

This portable unit provides a precisely controlled blend of liquids, abrasives and compressed air which is discharged in the form of wet slurry. It rapidly scours away encrustation such as paint and corrosion products at up to 5 times the speed of conventional grit blasting.

  • Rapid removal of surface covering.
  • Low pressure operation.
  • Effective on hard and soft surfaces.
  • Low usage of grit and water.
  • Simple and quick to deploy.
  • Low dust contamination.

By varying the nozzle pressure and type of abrasive, different surface finishes can be obtained. The low pressure operation is safer for the user and reduces the ‘splash back’. Aquabrade can rapidly clear both hard and soft deposits. The technique is in use throughout the world, cleaning steel structures, stone surfaces and brickwork. Sub-Aquabrade is available for underwater use, operating at up to 120 metres depth