Harbour Aquabrade

The new Harbour Aquabrade is designed for corrosion removal and cleaning above and below the waterline to a depth of 10 metres. It is also known as Aquabrade H10.

  • Subsea and topside operation.
  • Up to 5 times faster than grit blasting or water jetting.
  • Rapid removal of surface coverings.
  • Low pressure operation.
  • Low operating grit and water usage.
  • Simple to operate.

Ideal for ship repair and hull cleaning. Other shallow water applications may include pipeline repair, cleaning oil residues and encrustation from harbour pilings and stonework.

Hull cleaning, welding preparation and propeller polishing can be achieved without the need to take vessels into dry dock, cutting the cost and time involved in cleaning vessels. Aggressive cleaning of corrosion in metal structures is achieved to SA 2.5 and SA 3 bare metal finishes, allowing high adhesion for paints.

Gentle cleaning of delicate surfaces such as GRP hulls, wooden decking can also be achieved without damage to the material. Abrasive grit, water and air supplies are individually controlled to achieve the required finish.

No electrical supply is needed, the machine is intrinsically safe to use in any environment.

Sub-Aquabrade is available for underwater use, operating at up to 120 metres depth.


Grit usage
  • 1kg per minute, commonly uses olivine or garnet 0.5 mm.
  • 120 kg grit pot.
  • 1-2 litres per minute(approximately).
  • 75 litre water tank.
  • Filled with mains connector (or manually).
  • 175 cu ft per minute.
  • Runs off standard diesel compressor.
  • Nozzle end pressure 20-80 psi.
Surface finish
  • Cleans corroded surface to SA3 standard.
  • Matt finish.
Environmental impact
  • Minimal ‘splash back’ due to low pressure.
  • Contaminated material binds to grit and remains in situ.
  • Little disruption to marine life.
  • Dosing pump can be fitted to add rust inhibitor or fungicide.
  • Wheeled or skid mounted.

Please note that as Harbour Aquabrade is built to meet the client’s requirements, the above details are meant as a guide only.