Sub-Aquabrade is simple to operate even in hostile conditions where dive times are restricted. It is fast and effective at depths of up to 120metres while quiet operation aids diver communication and low grit consumption gives improved visibility. The lightweight nozzle and hose design, together with its ultra low working pressure makes it ideal for deployment in restricted locations

  • Improved diver safety.
  • Effective on hard and soft contamination.
  • Rapid removal of corrosion.
  • Low pressure operation.
  • No need for retro jets.
  • Cuts concrete leaving a firm clear edge


Grit usage
  • 1-3kg per minute(approximately), commonly uses olivine or garnet 0.5 mm.
  • 200kg grit pot.
  • 1-2 litres per minute(approximately).
  • 100 litre water tank.
  • Filled with mains or manually.
  • 250 cu ft per minute.
  • Runs off standard diesel compressor.
  • Nozzle end pressure 20-80 psi.
  • Width 1.4 metre.
  • Length 2.2metres.
  • Height 1.4 metres.
  • Weight approx 400 kg (unladen).
Surface finish
  • Cleans corroded surface to SA3 standard.
  • Matt finish.
Environmental impact
  • Minimal ‘splash back’ due to low pressure.
  • Contaminated material binds to grit and remains in situ.
  • Little disruption to marine life.
  • Single or dual system for 1 or 2 hoses to operate.
  • 0-60, 0-85 or 0-120 metres operating depth.
  • Complete system in containerised workshop.
  • ‘Tight Turn Trailer’ option.

Please note that as Sub-Aquabrade is built to meet the client’s requirements, the above details are meant as a guide only.