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Vacuum Pressure test frame for offshore testing of reeled and dockside hoses.

High flow vacuum test unit for offshore hoses, with no moving parts

High flow vacuum test unit for offshore hoses,
with no moving parts

This specialised vacuum test unit features no moving parts, using the venture principle to create a vacuum. Free air suction flows of 200 cu metres/ hour are available to test hoses within the OCIMF range of 510-680 mbar.

Aviation refuelling hose test unit.

May 2015

Hose test unit for aviation hoses

Hose test unit for aviation hoses

Fraser Pump has unveiled its hose test unit for aircraft refuelling hoses.   The unit is portable and easy to use on location for in service testing hoses to BS EN 1361 2004, and API 1529, 6th edition.  The unit is in service with UK’s armed forces.

The unit is safely powered by compressed air, and features an on board buffer tank for storing test fluid and a safety pressure limitation to prevent over-pressuring.  Fittings are available for most types of end connections.

Optionally a non-electric chart recorder can be fitted to record test pressures and elapsed time.


Pressure testing skids for floating hoses

November 2014

Hose test unit for floating hoses

Diesel powered pressure pump for pressure testing of oil hoses

These diesel powered test units are used to pressure test strings of offshore floating hoses to meet GMPHOM international requirements.  They have been designed for offshore use including in hazardous atmospheres.  A number of these units have been supplied as a strategic reserve for a major oil producer.  They operate with seawater as the test medium and include a mechanical circular chart recorder.

Hawser Tension Monitor System for Single Point Mooring (SPM)

Instrumented shackle pins on a Bluewater SPM as part of a hawser telemetry monitor

Hawser Load Monitor for SPM

November 2014

The Fraser Pump design of telemetry hawser load monitor has been operating on a Calm Buoy for a major oil company in the Caribbean. The equipment makes use of the latest developments in radio telemetry and display technology to provide a real time information of the strains on hawser lines during a tanker’s transfer of oil through a single point mooring buoy.

Many oil terminals are now required by their classification authorities to have hawser monitoring as part of their re-certification. It was important for this client as the terminal is exposed to the Atlantic sea states.

Knowing the instantaneous hawser tension allows the load master on-board a tanker to make informed decisions on when to disconnect during high sea states. Fraser Pump’s design makes use of new radio telemetry with very low power consumption but high transmission capability to ensure secure and reliable transmission to portable display units.  The sensing is performed by two 250 tonne shackles in the buoy’s mooring triplate, which are instrumented with internal strain gauges, see picture.


Testing Marine Hoses to the New Guidelines GMPHOM

June 2012

Our OCIMF Hose Test Equipment now meets the new GMPHOM requirements for testing of offshore hoses.  This guideline which is prepared by the Oil Companies International Forum, (OCIMF), supersedes the issue 4 of the ’Guide to Purchasing, Manufacturing and Testing of Loading and Discharge Hoses for Offshore Moorings’ which is being withdrawn this month.

Fraser Pump’s Hose Testing Units can be used for periodic testing, on the oil terminal site, of all manufacturers’ brands of marine hoses, loading hoses and seabed risers.  Fraser Pump can also design and install production testing systems for hose manufacturers including surge pressure testing, sample hose burst pressure testing, and hose leak detection.

The new guidelines provide technical recommendations and guidance to ensure the satisfactory performance of hoses commonly used at offshore moorings. Particularly it gives technical recommendations and guidance to ensure the satisfactory performance of elastomer reinforced, smooth bore, oil suction and discharge hose commonly used at offshore moorings.

Major changes to the guide include;

• The guidance for reeling hose systems is addressed for the first time. Also the use of LPG transfer in hoses.

• The design specification for double carcass hoses has been clarified, together with the guidance for leak detection, and  safe working lifting of double carcass hoses.

• Acceptance tests include new guidance for material and for stiffness testing.

• New tests addressing materials, torsion, tensile loading, crushing and lifting lugs have been introduced into the prototype test programme. Also the dynamic testing of prototype hoses.

Contact for information on hose testing equipment for oil terminals and for factory production.

The Guide can be obtained from



New Software  System Automates Factory Pressure Testing.

April 2012

Pressure testing of large quantities of hoses used in fire suppression on oil platforms has meant our client needed  new  test equipment for his factory that automatically tests, records, and archives data on each new hose.

Fraser Pump has produced a new version of it’s ELAN scada software to run in a windows environment for a new design of pressure test console that meets the needs for rapid testing of hoses and other pressure components.   The ELAN software provides a real time graphical display of test parameters, together with acceptance or rejection criteria to produce a test report on each individual hose.  The software runs on a FiTpc miniature processing module, running Windows 7 together with custom built analogue interface cards.   The console can test up to ten hoses simultaneously.

In addition the console provides steerable remote CCTV coverage of the test bays in high resolution, in order to simplify the inspection task.



In Service Testing of Oil loading Hose Strings.

February 2012

Part of the integrity checking at Oil Terminals is the pressure testing of the whole hose string, whether reeled dockside hoses or floating discharge hoses.  Fraser Pump has recently supplied a West African terminal with a new design of pressure test unit suitable for carrying out  testing of long strings of up to 24 inch diameter hoses.    The unit is designed for rugged offshore use and includes a high volume filling pump, together with a variable speed pressure pump.  The unit has adjustable pressure rise times to meet the different pressure rise and relaxation test specifications of various manufacturer’s hoses.