Marine Hose Test Units

Site Hose Test Unit

Hose Test Unit

Offshore String Tester

Hose test units are used to measure the integrity of oil transport hoses against the manufacturers specifications. This can provide documentary evidence of safe working limits as recommended by GMPHOM (Guide to Manufacturing and production of hoses for offshore moorings 2009), OCIMF 2004, API 17K, and BS 1435 part 2.

  • Tests hoses, risers and pipelines.
  • Mobile equipment for remote use.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Accurate measurement.


Site Testing for Marine Hoses.

Hose test units carry out hydrostatic testing in cycles up to the hose’s pressure rating. This determines the integrity of the casing from leakage and any out-of-specification elongation of the hose.

Vacuum testing is also carried out to allow inspection of the inner surface of the hose for blisters or separation of the inner tube from the carcass. Electrical continuity of the hose can also be tested to OCIMF requirements.


Burst Testing

At regular intervals destruction testing of offshore and jetty hoses is undertaken to prove the integrity of a hose sting.

We build burst test units in the range 150-600 bar for large bore marine hoses.


String Pressure Test

In-situ testing of hose strings is possible with our diesel powdered hi-volume pressure testing equipment.